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Protect Your Self-Esteem!

“The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.”  ― Mark Twain

Some people may not pay attention very much on Self-esteem but it is important and it matters. Why? Because our Self-esteem affects the way we look at ourselves. How we perceive ourselves influences our actions, which will eventually affect the way we live our lives.

Unfortunately, there are certain factors beyond our control that could negatively impact our Self-esteem. Fortunately, we can do something to protect it and if we want to, we can re-build a more positive self-image.

Here are some helpful ways to protect our Self-esteem:

  1. Choose your company

Hang out with people who appreciate you and make you feel good; and depart yourself from people who constantly put you down. We may not always avoid negative people in our lives, but we can always keep reminding ourselves not to allow their negativity to transfer onto us. Remember that you deserve to be loved and respected. So be around people who bring out the best in you.

     2. Know the difference between constructive feedback and destructive criticism.

Constructive feedback is focused on your behavior or action, and it aims to improve you . On the other hand, destructive criticism attacks you personally and it does not have any purpose for your betterment. So take in the constructive feedbacks and do not pay attention to the destructive ones.

  3. Avoid comparing yourself with others.

Do not compare yourself with others especially if you think that they are better than you. Wishing that you are on their shoes is hurtful to your self-esteem. What you can do is analyze their behavior and take note of what they are doing good, and then copy that. If it is healthy and you can benefit from it, you can mirror that attitude or behavior until it becomes you.

     4. Learn to accept compliments

Don’t be shy to accept compliments. Believe and accept that you can really be good at something so learn to say THANK YOU!

  5. Build up positive thoughts about yourself.

Don’t dwell too much on your failures as it will only drag your self-esteem. Instead, catch yourself when you do great! Make sure to celebrate small victories by rewarding yourself to things that you enjoy.

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Date Written: August 08, 2016

23 thoughts on “Protect Your Self-Esteem!

  1. Great advice Nina. Celebrating small victories is so important and believing in ourselves and what we’re capable of. Self esteem is everything and we really do have to protect it. xo

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    1. Thank you Miriam! 🙂 I believe it is very important as it affects our whole being. I hope you had a great week last week… I was “off” from the blogging world…

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      1. Thank you Miriam. It does feel good…the only setback was the ton of emails that needs reading, responding to, and deleting. 😊 I wish you a great day today!

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    1. Yes, I agree Jennie. This one could be tricky especially that there are still people who compliments BUT with personal agendas in mind… That being said, we should know when a compliment is genuine and when it is just a false flattery. But still we should learn to accept deserved compliments! We owe it to ourselves. 🙂

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  2. Hi Nina,
    You have a nice space here. Very happy and positive. Learning to accept compliments makes a ton of difference. I learned to do that recently and it makes me feel so good about myself.

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    1. Thank you for your kind remarks! I am really aiming for a “happy” blog 😊 Yes, it really does boosts our self-esteem when we get praised by someone as long as we know that we honestly deserves it! Good to know you feel positive with compliments! 😊

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  3. Good day! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Thanks


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