About Me

Hi. I’m Nina. I have a 4-year old daughter who drives me crazy most of the time- but she is my life and I really love her! I have a smart husband (who is actually good-looking too!). And I also have a job… 🙂

One time, my hubby and I were watching  TED talks in YouTube (a thing that is becoming a habit of ours) and there’s this one guy who really inspired me to start doing one of the things that I love to do… which is to write. He said, “If money is not an issue, what is it that you would be doing right now “… “I say you do it now.

And so I started this blog and tried to write as much and as often as I could ever since, with my personal goal to inspire other people thru what I write. This is my way of sharing a part of me to the world. I believe that in this way, I’ll find purpose and meaning to my life. 🙂