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Relationships Matter

According to studies, one of the things that makes a good life is having good relationship with other people. Being in a warm, loving, and protective relationship does not only make us happier, but it also makes us healthier because it helps prevent us from acquiring chronic diseases that are caused by loneliness and stress.

However, not all relationships are healthy and happy. They could be messy, complicated, or even toxic. Good relationships are not worked out overnight. They need to be tended in order to flourish.

Here are some tips to develop good quality relationships:
1. Communicate– express what you think and feel. Do not assume that other people could read what’s on your mind. Not all people are expert on body language so it’s best to communicate verbally, otherwise you risk being misinterpreted or worse, being unnoticed.

2.Acknowledge– show that you appreciate your partners, children or friends. There is no such thing as silent gratitude. You have to let people know when they did something that made you happy. It will not only reinforce good behavior, but more importantly, they will feel valued and worthy. So catch them at their best and be generous in giving well-deserved praises!

3.Do not Police– Don’t wait for other people to commit mistakes and reprimand like a police officer. If you care about the person, let them be aware of their destructive behavior before it gets worse. This will show them that you care.

4. Accept– Accept that other people are not perfect and so are you. There will always be instances when they could hurt you, or YOU HURT THEM. But always remember that you love them more! So be quick to say sorry andΒ to forgive, and always remind yourself to forget!

5.Be Playful– Do not take things too seriously. When I was in college, I had this mantra for myself: “All problems have solutions. If it doesn’t have a solution, it’s not a problem! So I will not bother…” Learn to laugh at your mistakes and have funΒ in each other’s company!

People are special. We all need to feel that we are special so let’s start treating each other one! πŸ™‚

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Written on: June 07, 2016

47 thoughts on “Relationships Matter

  1. #2 “Acknowledge” is such a biggie. How often we think that people know we love or appreciate when they really don’t. Taking the time to express it in words is so important. Sometimes really hard though.

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    1. I agree. We oftern assume that they already know how much we love them but the thing is all of us needs to be told every once in awhile. =) It makes it more real for me when it is expressed…that’s what I think. =)

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      1. Good luck! I hope you will not settle to just what’s available. Tell yourself you’re great and you’ll only settle for the best! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you Miriam. Unfortunately, some of us still struggle in keeping a healthy, balanced and nourishing relationships…I myself could still benefit and learn from others! 😊

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  2. This is good advice, Nina. I always think of the Great Physician or “Psychologist” when it comes to relationship “management.” God tells us to handle relationships with a lot of unconditional love in ~1 Cor. 13:4-8(a)~. Good post, Nina…


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