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5 Rules for a Happier Relationships

“We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.”- John Lennon

One of the things that makes a good life is having happy and healthy relationships with other people. But like all other good things in life, happy relationships are not worked out overnight. They need to be tended in order to flourish.

Here are my rules for a happier relationships:

1. Always Prioritize People Over Anything Else.

There was a time when some of our friends were going abroad to work, and they were encouraging us to do the same. But my husband refused saying that it is more important for him to be with family and spend time with family than to earn more money away from family.

This is what I mean when I say prioritize people. Sometimes, we may think that it is a difficult choice. But let me give you a scenario- imagine yourself on your deathbed, would you rather have with you your material possessions or the people who love and care for you?

2. Be Slow to Anger; and Be Quick to Forgive.

When we’re angry, we can do or say things that we do not mean and will regret eventually. We can apologize, but as they say, the damage has been done. This is why it is important to be slow to anger.

We have to accept the fact that people are not perfect and so are we. There will always be times when they will hurt us, or WE HURT THEM. But we should always remember one important thing- that we love them more! So be quick to say sorry and to forgive, and always remind ourselves to forget!

3. Show People they are Appreciated.

How many of us take the time to say “thank you” for the love and care that we get from family, friends, or colleagues? Sometimes, it is easy to forget- especially if it is “expected” of them or when “we’re used to” being treated as such. But you know what, it’s a wonderful feeling to be thanked and appreciated. Besides, don’t you think it’s more sensible to let people know that you appreciate them while they can still acknowledge it and be happy about it?

4. Set Special Time Together to Bond-Play and have fun!

If we want to build strong foundation for relationships, we need to be intentional in setting an exclusive time for bonding. It does not need to be an expensive experience. You can actually still do things that you can enjoy and have fun without spending a lot!

A simple picnic at your backyard, a movie-night with the whole family, random visits to friends or in-laws, a stroll at night with our spouses or partners, manicure-pedicure with our daughter and sports game with our son are just few of the things that we can do.

5. Hug More, Kiss More, and (say I Love You More!).

Hugging and kissing are gestures that when done appropriately are very uplifting. Sometimes, they are even more effective and speaks louder than words. They could mean “I love you”, “I care for you”, “You’re special”, “I’m happy for you”, “I’m here for you”, “You’re amazing”, “You make me proud”, “You’ll get through this”… and so much more!

And who would not want to hear “I love you” everyday? 🙂

As I always say, relationships matter. People are special and you are special. So let’s start treating each other as one.

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80 thoughts on “5 Rules for a Happier Relationships

    1. Thank you! ☺ I agree that communication is also one of the keys to happy relationships. I tried to check on your blog but found it empty…not sure why. Can you send me a link to your articles?

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  1. LOVE THIS post, so simple, so direct (yet for me, so often to put into practice). I do love lists, though, and they do help keep me on track. Back in March, I had a long-term relationship end and one of the things that helped was putting together my own list – albeit a much longer one – but like your list will do for me, having reminders all in one place helps!

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  2. Great rules for relationship success. Check out my article talking about some other important aspects of relationships


    1. Thank you Danny! I read your post and left my comment.
      I hope all is well with your relationship with Missy and your law school.
      I’m sorry for my late response. Apparently, your comment got stucked on my “spam”. 🙂


    1. Thank you! I would agree that #1 is not easy. Many people find this a challenge, even I. But I always have to remind myself which one do I love more and it makes it easier for me to decide. ☺


  3. I have an experience and it’s related with rule number 2. I’ve forgive the one that hurt me (my ex boyfriend) but when he asks if I could give him another chance I said no. I am afraid to face another lies and I don’t want to be hurt again, I know I’m suppose to trust and not to think negatively about him but I can’t and I’m not ready. Is that still includes in the meaning of the statement “Forgive and Forget” ?

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    1. Definitely! Forgiving does not necessarilly mean that you forget what happened. We may not forget the wrong done to us but we forget the hurt that it brings us. Hence, we should not think of that experience or keep reminding ourselves of it.
      It’s understandable that we cannot easily trust when we’re betrayed. I don’t know what specifically your history is with your ex-bf but don’t force yourself to trust him again when you don’t feel like it…at least for the moment. But you have to consider also that everybody deserves second chances. It is up to you to gauge whether or not you can give that trust again. Pray and listen to what your heart says. ☺ Thank you for sharing and I’m praying for your happiness!

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  4. Love what your blog’s all about. Makes me happy just being here ^_^

    Thanks for the enlightening advice related to relationships. Some good tips there. Value those you love and make sure to show them the same.:)

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