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3-Day Quote Challenge: DAY 1

I want to say thank you to  # Age of Aquarius and Eva of Why  Not Happy Blog for tapping me in for this 3-Day Quote Challenge. I really enjoyed doing this!

Here is the first set of quotes that I would like to share all of you:

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I like this quote very much. I know that there are some people who find bliss in ignorance, or who prefer not knowing the truth to avoid pain and heartaches. But for me, knowing the truth sets us free! It could be painful, it could cost our trust and relationships, but it is also liberating! It liberates us from lying to people and to ourselves. It shows us real love and acceptance. Hence, it comforts us in the end. We may think that we are protecting people from pain if we’re keeping them in the dark, but it actually does the opposite.

Tony Robbins.JPG

I very much agree with Tony Robbins on this quote. We are not defined by our past experience. It is how we deal with our past that defines our future. I strongly believe that good things could come out even from the worst things that could happen. I am not Ms.Sunshine, but I choose to believe that we have choices, and it is our choices that makes who we are today.

Og Mandino.JPG

I definitely relate to what Og Mandino is saying here. A wake up reminder for me to stop procrastinating! it’s true that even the smartest plan is useless if we do not put it into action.

There you go ladies and gentlemen…I hope you liked my quotes today. I encourage every one to participate and do the challenge if you have time. You may find it really fun. I did! 🙂

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Happy Thoughts: LIFE RACE

The fastest guy didn’t win the race…

It’s the guy who slowed down to help others,
the one who paused to smell the flowers,
the one who took the time to enjoy moments with loved ones,
the one who stopped to listen and care.

The guy who has the most LOVE, JOY and PEACE when he got to the finished line is the real winner.

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Because You Can!

“JUST DO IT!”- NIKE slogan

Sometimes, when I go to the grocery store, there are some free taste for new products. And even if I very much wanted to try it out, I feel very shy and I just passed on them…OR when I finally master my courage, the free taste samples are no longer there because a lot of people have already taken advantage of them, and then I would feel disappointed on myself…and a little sad too, and maybe even mad if I really really like the product!

You see, this scenario is also applicable in other real life situations. How many of us has passed on opportunities because we feel like we’re not worthy of it? OR we feel like we don’t really have what it takes to do it? OR we fall short to match the criteria? OR we think that there’s another person more suitable for it? OR because we failed before and we’re going to fail again? OR…OR…OR…And  yet every time we say “NO” to these opportunities, we feel bad for that decision because we feel and know deep in our hearts that we could do it and succeed!

I have  experienced these not only once or twice or three times, but more… and I feel awful every time. Especially when I know that I am better than the person who grabbed that opportunity; or when I know that I have the skill and knowledge to take that chance; and more so when I know that it could have been the life-changing moment for me.

You see, there is abundance of possibilities and blessings in life, and all it takes for us is to have the courage to say YES! When they come knocking to our door, we should not think that we do not deserve them or that other people deserve them more than we do. Believe it or not, YOU ARE WORTHY. Until you recognize that, you will never get the chance to take advantage of the freebies that life offers. So go ahead, don’t be shy and take your fair share! 🙂

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What Makes You Human?

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”- Martin Luther King Jr.

Hello Everyone,

I hope this week has been good to you so far. 🙂
I’ve seen this ad  yesterday while playing my music in YouTube, and I am really moved by it. In fact, it makes me wonder…do we really need unpleasant events to happen before we show how or what it is to be humane?

Think about it… when’s the last time you’ve shown genuine sympathy or concern to others? When’s the last time you’ve shown kindness and generosity to strangers? When’s the last time you’ve said encouraging words to a seemingly deppressed soul?

It is sad to think that there are some of us who have this perception that the world is a dangerous place; and in trying to protect ourselves, we become more and more self-centered, and little by little losing our humanity.

It feels good to be able to help and love others. Even sweet and awesome at the same time actually. We are human and we’re meant to be humane. Let’s not forget that!

I hope this video will awaken the humane spirit within you… Take care everyone!


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Are you “Iffy Happy”?

“Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy…”- Ralph Marston

When I was younger, I used to be “iffy” with my happiness.

I’d be happy if I’d get myself a gorgeous boyfriend…
I’d be happy if I’d get more allowance…
I’d be happy if I could buy that pretty dress…
I’d be happy if I’d get accepted to this university…

And I don’t think I was any different from other people who seemed to be setting a high  standard for happiness.

Those who think that they’d be happy
if they’d get more popular
if they’d get a bigger house
if they’d get a fatter wallet
if they’d get a higher position in their jobs
if they’d get better-looking
if they’d get themselves spouses who’d always put them first

We become unhappy because we set impossible rules to experience happiness. We make it sooo darn difficult for ourselves to achieve.

I am very grateful to have started my blog. I wasn’t a happy person then, but I decided and choose to be one. This is also the reason why I named it “thehappylife”- because that is the kind of life that I want to have.

Can I tell you a secret? I find it easy to be happy because I make my conditions to be happy really simple. I could give you 5 reasons why I am happy today.

#1- I woke up with my husband besides me.
#2- I get to kiss & hug my daughter goodbye when she left for school
#3- I get to have a heart to heart talk with our maid- where she has confided in me her personal problems and I was able to comfort her.
#4- I was able to come to work on time, and enjoyed a meeting with our boss, and some other colleagues over a good coffee. 🙂
#5- I could feel my heart beat in my chest and I can smile

…and believe me when I say I could go on and on…

What are your pre-requisites for happiness? Are you sure they’re not too complicated that you’ll never get to be happy at all?

Life is short. Enjoy it. Be grateful and you’ll find more reasons to be happy! 🙂

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