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Let’s Plant Life Seeds!- Seed #3: HEALTH

There are 5 things things in life that we know are important, but do not treat with much importance. You see, simply knowing is useless until what we know is applied and manifested in our behavior or actions.

Let me give you 2 simple facts:

1. OUR TIME ON EARTH IS LIMITED. The average life expectancy of a person is 78.8 years according to CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)


Some people would see our life as a book, and we’re the authors.
For this time, I want us to picture our life as a garden and we’re the gardeners planting the seeds that we will reap later in our life.

Let us learn about Seed # 3 today, HEALTH. 🙂

Health Seed

“My purpose is to give life in all its fullness”- John 10:10

When we talk about health, automatically what comes to mind is the gym & the boring leafy greens. But health is rather more than that. It is a LIFESTYLE. And if we want to be healthy for the rest of our lives, we need to develop and practice the habit of a good lifestyle.

1. Mobility– whether we like it or not, the only way for us to burn fats is to move, move, and move. That is why exercise works! Now, if you’re like me who is not really a fan of the traditional exercise, let me introduce you to my “organic gym”.
* commute and walk a lot– according to studies, commuting is one of the factors of life longevity in Japan. When you go to the mall or to your office, park in the area farthest to the entrance door. This way, you avoid the stress of fighting for a nearest parking space and you have the wonderful opportunity to walk.
* go window shopping or stroll in the park more often.
* play with your kids and then clean the house until you sweat like never before!
* befriend the stairs! If you’re going up 2 floors only, use the stairs instead of the elevator.
* dance! Play your favorite rhythm and dance like nobody is watching!

2. Diet– what we take into our body is a big deal. Some diseases are acquired because of the food that we intake. Do we eat more junk foods that real foods? Do we dig in fast and instant foods more often than slow home-cooked meals? Do we digest more fruits, vegetables, fish & red meat? Do we drink more water or alcohol? Help your body to detoxify. Eat healthy.

3. Socialization & Family Ties– According to psychology, strong group orientation is conducive to our psychological well-being. When we socialize with others, we develop friendships and relationships. It gives us a sense of belonging and keeps us from feeling alienated. When we are close to our family, we feel more love from one another. Getting & giving more love equals happier life!

4. Set a time to Get Busy– I don’t mean get busy with work or stuffs that stresses you out! Get busy doing the things that gives you pleasure. Read books, paint, play your guitar and record your song, get creative, write your poetry or novel, plant in your garden. Do the things that sharpens your skills or mentality, do things that gives joy to your soul!

5. Meditate– Meditation is not just for physical relaxation but it also increases the brain’s gray matter which contains most of the brain’s neuronal cell bodies. According to a Harvard Study, “participating in an eight-week mindfulness meditation program appears to make measurable changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress”.

Do you want to live more than 60 years old- full of life and still kicking? Then plant the seeds of a healthy lifestyle. Take care of your health while you’re young, your health will take care of you when you get old.


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