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Today is a Great Day!

I love Mondays. For me, it’s like a clean slate— a fresh new start.
So I try to set my mind to all possible good things that could happen.

Just like what Stephen Richards said, “When you concentrate your energy purposely on the future possibility that you aspire to realize, your energy is passed on to it and makes it attracted to you with a force stronger than the one you directed towards it.”

So let’s strive for positivity!
If something not pleasing will arise, let’s remember to look at the good thing it could bring. I believe that we always have something to learn from experience- including the negative ones.

Let us all be grateful for another day that we’re alive! Let us make today one of the best days of our lives. Enjoy every moment and let’s have this as our mantra:  TODAY IS GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY! 🙂

I hope you’ll enjoy this song that I included in my post for good vibes!

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Date Written: June 20, 2016

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3 Steps to End LONELINESS

When we have a problem and feel as though our life is falling apart, our tendency is to “escape” from the miserable state that we’re at- and most often than not, we resolve to the quick fixes that are also self-destructive at some point: We drink. We party like hell in the company of people who more or less do not care about what’s going on with your life. We take drugs to forget or have sex with strangers. But guess what– the next day, YOUR PROBLEM IS STILL THERE because these quick fixes are not really the solutions but a temporary escape from your reality.

Just recently, I was able to listen attentively to Jason Mraz’ song “Three Things” and I thought, Wow! This is exactly how we should deal with the downsides in our lives.


“Number one, I cry my eyes out and dry up my heart.”


Yes, crying is a cathartic release. It purges us of our massive feeling of loneliness. I personally believe that it is important to first empty ourselves with the heartaches before we could move on.


“The second thing I do… say my thank-you’s for each and every moment of my life. I go where I know the love is and let it fill me up inside…”

Not many of us realize but it is also important to contemplate on our lives. We get to analyze what went well and what went wrong…being said that, we should not fix our focus only the to the bad experience and the bad feeling that it brings- but more importantly, what lesson do we get from it.

friendsSurrounding ourselves with the people who cares for us also helps us get through the difficulties of life. If we are alone and we are lonely, we get lonelier because we do not have another person to encourage us and share the burden. Other people may not necessarily provide the solutions, but they give us the emotional support that is much needed. They strengthen us by letting us feel loved and valued.


“The third thing that I do…I pause, I take a breath,…and I let that chapter end.”

pastWe should let go of the failures and hurts in our past, and move on with our lives. Contrary to what others believe in, your past do not determine your future. You future is determined by the choices that you make…and it is your choice to be happy. SO CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY.


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Date Written: May 30, 2016

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Feed Your Soul with Good Music

Hello Everyone!

They say that music is the food for the soul. I would agree to that! It has the power to uplift our moods, and it could also make us feel worse depending on the type of music that we listen to.

For today, I want to share with you 3 Songs that I like so much. I love their melody as much as I love the messages that they relay to us. I usually listen to them to de-stress and I am hoping that you’ll get to experience the same good feeling after listening to them.

Get ready to feel more relaxed and don’t forget to let me know which one’s your favorite… Enjoy! 🙂

# 1- Everything is Sound

This song is so full of positivity. I’d actually like to call it my “happy song”!
It reminds of mindful living, to be the light in times of darkness, to harmonize with nature and to realize that “our future is not yet written”.


#2- 93 Million Miles

This is my “encouragement song”. It pushes us to go far in life, to dream big and to know that “if we do it right, we’ll love where we’ll go”.  Yet it also makes us remember that whatever path we choose, “we can always come back home”.


#3-  Hey Love

This is probably the most unfamiliar among the 3, and I really wish more people would get to listen to this beautiful song. It tells us that “awful things happen all the time but we should not let it kill us”. It encourages us not to run away or dwell too much from mistakes and to “close the book before it burns us.”


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Date Written: August 10, 2016

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Have a Colorful Day!

“Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.”- Aberjhani

I came across this song again today and it brings so much nostalgic childhood memories. I remember singing this with my dad, and singing this song in school during my elementary days. It’s really nice to hear it once more…it never fails to bring me joy and comfort. This is just one of my favorites that I will never get tired of.

I hope to be the rainbow in your cloud today. 🙂

If you wish to sing along, the lyrics are below. Enjoy!

Rainbow Connection.png

Here is the complete lyrics: The Rainbow Connection

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Date Written: July 21, 2016