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Work with what You’ve Got!

“Have you ever felt trapped in circumstances, then discovered that the only trap was your own lack of vision, lack of courage, or failure to see that you had better options?” ― Nick Vujicic, Life Without Limits

Some people wait for things to happen. Others complain why things happen, while there are also a number who wonder why things happen. My favorite are the people who make things happen.

I believe that most of us want to succeed in life. Be it in our career, health, or relationships. Never have I met a person who admitted to me that he or she wants to fail. We all want the good stuffs. We all want to be happy and satisfied. Unfortunately, not all who wants will have it.

We all know that the key ingredients to success are (1) to ask and to believe that it will happen and (2) to work for it. The first is easy, BUT number 2 is where we often fail.

You see, some people would easily give up when they think that they do not have the needed resources such as enough money, skills, knowledge or education, the right people, the right time, etc… The problem is that most of us forget that we could work with what we have, because we are often focused on what we do not have.

If you want to be fit- don’t wait ’til you’ve got the money to enroll on a gym or to buy that expensive equipment. You’ve got your feet, so you should go start walking or jogging.

If you want a great relationship- you don’t need to be grand or to have lots of money to satisfy your love ones. You’ve got time, so give them your time! Have inexpensive dates and give your undivided attention to your spouses/partners, family, or friends.

Don’t make your goals complicated by setting difficult “means” to achieve them. Simplify your life, and you’ll be amaze of the difference it will make. Be grateful for what you have- they could be more than what you perceive them to be!




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Design Your Future

“One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.”- Tony Robbins

There are some people who fail to be successful because they don’t know what they want. And there are also some successful people who are not happy because they succeeded on the “wrong field”- and what I mean by that is they are successful, but not on THAT thing that they are supposed to be successful at.

So how do we know what we want? How do we figure out where we should be successful at? How do we live a Successful AND Happy life?

The answer is simple. YOU HAVE TO DESIGN YOUR LIFE.

Easier said than done. I know. But read again. I said the answer is simple, I didn’t say it’s easy.

You see, like any other plans that we have made into a reality, that is how we design our life too.- we conceive ideas, carefully think of the steps that we have to do to achieve them, and putting those steps into action.- The only difference is we’re looking at it in a bigger picture this time. It’s more difficult, but I honestly feel that it is more exciting too!

Many of us are so busy surviving and just making a living, but that is not our purpose in life. Who we become and what we can give in this life is up to us. We must ignite that drive to take full responsibility and control of our lives. We have to be passionate with life and know that it is more than just surviving or acquiring things. Successful and happy living is knowing who we are, loving what we do, and being able to share something to the world.

In your quiet times, meditate on your life. Picture your future self- NOT base on where you are now, but base it on how you would like it to be. Where is your life’s direction?

  • Think of the things that gives you happiness and satisfaction just by merely doing it. This is where you need to focus your time and energy because this is your “field”.
  • Write down your action plans and goals. How can you be better at this/these area/areas? What do you need to do? Who are the people that you need to involve. Identify your mini-goals and greater goals and make sure that these goals inspire  you.
  • Cultivate your values. What are your beliefs and morals? It is important that they aligned with the steps that you’re going to carry out in pursuit of your goals.

I personally believe that God did not put us on earth simply to survive. We are here to experience a good and fulfilling life. If there is something or an area in your life that is off or not working, now is the right time to decide to change it!

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