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A Blog Worth Sharing- #8: THOUGHT AVENUE: Speak Your Mind

Hello Everyone!

Today, I am excited to share with you again another blog that I find really awesome! 🙂 I can guarantee that you will not be wasting your time when you give this blog a visit because each post written is very rich in content. The Author is simply full of ideas that he expresses so eloquently in his writings.

I hope that you will enjoy Andrei’s blog as much as I do.

“Thank you Andrei for your amazing blog! It’s truly inspirational, motivational, & provocative!”

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POST TITLE: Your Word is Your Bond

“Every time you give your word, you’re putting your honor on the line. You’re implying that others can place their trust in you because you value integrity and would never let them down. It goes without saying that if you don’t live up to your word, you may end up tarnishing your credibility, damaging your relationships, and defaming your reputation. Most importantly, you’ll be letting yourself down.”

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Let’s Party!

Hello! 🙂

I encourage everyone to join these events if you want to grow your blogging community. These are great opportunities to share your blogs and meet other amazing bloggers!

See you there! 🙂


AKinderWay- Meet & Greet Weekend


Dream Big Dream Often- Meet & Greet

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MySestina- Bloggers Pool


Roberta Pimentel- Share Your Blog