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Work with what You’ve Got!

“Have you ever felt trapped in circumstances, then discovered that the only trap was your own lack of vision, lack of courage, or failure to see that you had better options?” ― Nick Vujicic, Life Without Limits

Some people wait for things to happen. Others complain why things happen, while there are also a number who wonder why things happen. My favorite are the people who make things happen.

I believe that most of us want to succeed in life. Be it in our career, health, or relationships. Never have I met a person who admitted to me that he or she wants to fail. We all want the good stuffs. We all want to be happy and satisfied. Unfortunately, not all who wants will have it.

We all know that the key ingredients to success are (1) to ask and to believe that it will happen and (2) to work for it. The first is easy, BUT number 2 is where we often fail.

You see, some people would easily give up when they think that they do not have the needed resources such as enough money, skills, knowledge or education, the right people, the right time, etc… The problem is that most of us forget that we could work with what we have, because we are often focused on what we do not have.

If you want to be fit- don’t wait ’til you’ve got the money to enroll on a gym or to buy that expensive equipment. You’ve got your feet, so you should go start walking or jogging.

If you want a great relationship- you don’t need to be grand or to have lots of money to satisfy your love ones. You’ve got time, so give them your time! Have inexpensive dates and give your undivided attention to your spouses/partners, family, or friends.

Don’t make your goals complicated by setting difficult “means” to achieve them. Simplify your life, and you’ll be amaze of the difference it will make. Be grateful for what you have- they could be more than what you perceive them to be!




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9 thoughts on “Work with what You’ve Got!

  1. These are all great points! I think the most difficult part is, like you said, to actually “work for it”. I know I personally have decided to not even try pursuing something just because success seems so unlikely. I guess during those times, I’m afraid to invest so much time, energy, and funds into something that seems so hard to reach and then discovering that it didn’t “work out” anyhow. That being said, I can’t think of anything that I’ve actually invested that much time and resources in that didn’t bear fruit or benefit me in some way. 😃


      1. Yes, it is. Absolutely! 🙂 I have to drop by your site every now and then to draw out inspiration and encouragement, and it never failed, all the time!
        Continue sharing your light to others. You’ve used your gift of words and your kindness of being in the most effective way possible.
        I wish you all the best!

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      2. Thank you Andrei! I am very touched by your comment and it really means a lot to me. I am happy to know that you find my blog inspiring and I hope to keep it that way. Thank you for your well-wishes and support! ☺


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