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Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

“Self-worth is so vital to your happiness. If you don’t feel good about YOU, it’s hard to feel good about anything else”- Mandy Hale

Some people are not truly happy with their lives because they are too conscious about how people might judge them. They give too much importance on how others would see them, and sometimes, they try to change who they are just to belong and be accepted. Some people think that it will make them happy if they will fit the criteria and meet the standards that other people set up for them.

But I believe otherwise. I believe that one way to live a happy life is to accept ourselves for who we are.

It is not how other people see you that is important. It is how you see yourself that is more important.
It is not whether people will like you or not that matters. It is whether you like yourself or not that matters more.

So stop pretending to be someone you’re not just to be liked and belong.
Stop being insecure and start embracing your real self

When you become comfortable with who you really are, and no longer care too much about your “image”, you will become happier and more attractive to people. So be true to yourself and be your own kind of beautiful! 🙂

(Note: I would like to say thank you to Nicky M. of TheShimmerWithinHer for the inspiration.)

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Date Written: August 11, 2016

31 thoughts on “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

  1. What you are saying in this post is so true. I realized this quite late in life. But then, better late than never. Never be apologetic about who you are. That gives a lot of confidence and inner peace.

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 I agree… I also think most teens fall into this trap of trying to be someone to please others- even if they do not actually like who they are becoming to. This is why it’s important for parents to be there as guidance when their children are developing their identities. They have to let them feel accepted and let them know that they are beautiful in their own skin…

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      1. Parents guidance is necessary to make the teens feel that they are accepted the way they are. But at times, parents succumb to the pressures of the society they are living in and condition their kids to ‘be a certain way’. This might not be good for the kids and they might feel uncomfortable and under-confident when they become adults 😦

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      2. You have a good point…at least we should know that we may not be able to choose our parents, but we can always look up to someone as a mentor or a good role model. 🙂

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  2. Wow. Wonderful! 😀
    I’m so glad we share the same way of thinking! It’s hard to find people who understand that ‘Self Love’ isn’t the same as being ‘Egoist’ or ‘Selfish’. I just believe that it is necessary to have Self Respect… 🙂
    It’s important for us to be more respectful of our unique qualities and not to be so obsessed about what other people think of us.
    Thank you for sharing this post with me! I’m so glad I’ve read it. ❤

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  3. Hello Nina!
    I’ve missed a few of your lovely posts but now I know you are writing again, I’ll catch up.
    This is a very poignant one for me. It’s been a constant struggle all my life and one that at mid life, I’m beginning to crack finally.
    Thank you for an inspiring post and helping me understand I’m not the only one…
    Great to ‘see’ you 🙋🌸🌸

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    1. Hello Di!
      I’m happy to see you visit my blog again. 😊 I have not written a new post…these were written months back and I just re-published them so there would be some kind of activity on my blog. I haven’t had time to sit and spend real time blogging (both in writing and reading…) and I miss it a lot but I just don’t have time to do so for now… I just take a look for a short period once in a while. ☺ I’m glad that you find my posts inspiring and helpful. I appreciate you reading and taking time to comment. I hope to come back soon… There’s going to be lots of catching up to do. Take care! ☺💛

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      1. Hello dear Nina!
        Thank you for explaining this. As a newcomer to your blog, I’m reading them as new and still thoroughly enjoying them.
        Take care and take time. I’ve got lots to keep me busy in the mean time on your blog.
        See you when you’re ready.
        All the best Nina. Sending my best to you 🌈💕

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