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It is OK to say NO!

“When you say ‘Yes’ to Others, make sure you are not saying ‘No’ to Yourself.”- Paulo Coelho

Usually, we look for things that would make us happy. Sometimes, we forget that another way to be happy is to eliminate the things or reject the people who makes us unhappy.

We put up with people because we consider them friends or they are part of the family. We listen to them whine about their misfortunes, cry over heartbreaks to the nth time, or vent their anger and frustrations. We become the sponge who absorb their negativity.

There are times when we can not reject a favor requested by our boss or a work colleague simply because we are just too shy to say no, or we have this “image” that we want to maintain. There are things that we no longer like to do but keep doing them because they have been considered as traditions, or they have been part of a routine that started ever since no one can even remember!

If we do not learn how to say “No” to the things and to people who stress us out and make us uncomfortable, then we will always find ourselves in an unhappy situation. 

So, the next time someone approaches you to have you do something that you don’t like to do, just take a deep breath and then say NO. Remember that you don’t have to justify your answer for the sake of maintaining a “nice image”. 🙂

Date Written: June 27, 2016





23 thoughts on “It is OK to say NO!

      1. No prob. Is that considered a reblog? I just “shared”. I’m actually reblogging one of your posts in a few days. I committed the whole month of August to “promote” my blogger friends posts that I feel are in alignment with my passions and what I’m blogging about. I’m halfway done.
        Givers gain. 🙂

        ❤ BP

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      2. Yes, I think when you share someone else’s post, it will be considered as a re-blog (at least that’s for my point of view) 🙂
        What you’re doing is actually both nice and kind. I hope a lot of people gets to read and learn from the beautiful posts that you’ll be sharing.
        “Givers gain.”- I like this. 🙂 I totally agree!

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