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Have Fun When You Can

You don’t stop having fun when you get old.
You get old when you stop having fun.- Anonymous

When is the last time that you did something that you really enjoyed…something that made you lose track of the time?

I believe that doing something fun is one of the easiest way to show some love for your self. Be it as simple as reading your favorite book or arduous like learning a new skill that you like.

Here are some of the things that I do for fun other than blogging. Yep! This is all me… I’m the one holding the guitar (camera shy), that’s my coloring book in the middle, and my favorite headphone! 🙂

Things I do for fun.JPG

Here’s one of the songs that I really enjoy listening to. Enjoy! 🙂

(Video taken from YouTube)

Have fun when you can. Your soul will thank you for it!


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23 thoughts on “Have Fun When You Can

  1. Since its weekend, me and the wife went for a long walk around downtown early this morning and I discovered it more fun than just doing it at the park 😁
    I love listening to music while reading too. And of course, boys definition of fun beside nightouts and extreme sports- videogames! Haha.

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    1. Early stroll is sweeet! 😊 that’s a great way to start the weekend! If I were your wifey, I’d definitely allow you an extra hour of videogames just because of that! LOL! Enjoy the weekend Andrei!

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  2. Great post and great song choice Nina. I’m off to have some fun at a Jazz Food and Wine festival tonight which I’m really looking forward to. Hub is home, yay! 🎷 Hope you have a fun weekend. 😊

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