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Know Yourself to be Happy


“When you know yourself you are empowered. When you accept yourself you are invincible.” ~ Tina Lifford

Do you ever wonder why sometimes, we find ourselves lonely despite our so-called achievements and success? I can think of one reason- because we don’t know who we are. We don’t know what exactly we want in life and we don’t know our purpose. This is why we feel lost and unfulfilled. No wonder even the most successful or wealthy people find themselves being depressed or suicidal.

I strongly believe that to be genuinely happy, we need to know ourselves. We have to figure out what we want so that we can focus and direct our energy and time to that purpose, and not go around wasting another minute of our lives doing the things that don’t give meaning to us.

So why don’t we try to sit down for a while and talk to ourselves as if we are talking to a friend… “What do we like to do?”,  “Can we share that with other people?”, “Would they benefit from it?”,  “Would You benefit from it?”, “Will that make a positive impact in their lives?

If your answer is YES to all these, then start figuring out what can you do NOW in order for you to do what you want to do. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a major step…baby steps are fine, for as long as you are acting on it. Believe me, even the “process” or “journey” itself is enough to change that feeling of loneliness into happiness.

I say good luck to getting to know yourselves and I hope you’ll find joy in discovering your life’s purpose.

Have a happy and meaningful life! =)

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Written: May 26, 2016

42 thoughts on “Know Yourself to be Happy

    1. I agree Miriam. There is always new things to learn about ourselves, and the tricky part is that change is constant. Although I also believe that there are things about us that just stays the same. For instance, the love for the outdoors or the love for writing or music- I like to think that it is imprinted in our genes or DNA. (Wow! Didn’t know I would come up with that phrase! Lol!) 😊

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  1. “I strongly believe that to be genuinely happy, we need to know ourselves.” I strongly believe on this statement too.
    We are the one’s who could truly define our happiness. In fact, we have varying definitions about it, and in truth, varying levels as well – genuine and superficial.
    Genuine happiness, to me, connotes meaning and purpose – the happiness that isn’t just beneficial to one’s self but also extends to others, as what you’ve said Nina.
    Very well-written post, Nina! Awesome! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Andrei! I agree with your additional input. ☺ This post is written last year during my first blogging month…I only had few readers back then and I thought perhaps it’s worth re-publishing especially that I’m focusing on Self-love this week. 😊

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      1. Well only for this month actually. I started my post this Feb saying that I will be discussing about Love. Last week it was focused more on being inlove with another person, so this week I thought about self-love…next week may be about loving other people. I hope I could keep up with the theme. It’s hard sometimes especially when ideas just come out of the blue and not well-planned, which is almost always the case for me hehe!

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      2. It really gets harder to write, especially when you’ve already reached the 50 posts mark, hahaha. As if you’ve written everything that is significant about your life, and now you sort of begin to think about those mundane ones, hahaha

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      3. Wait til you’ve written more than a 100 post! You may start writing about your fingernails! Lol! Just kidding! 😄
        It helps when you have the talent of thinking outside the box, and I honestly think you’ve got that! 😉

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      4. Yeah, I’ am looking forward how out of the box thinking would work on fingernails, hahaha.
        We’ll work something out when we reach that point I’m certain about that 😉

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  2. I believe the bible gives us all guidance for every aspect of our lives. We become children of God. As such we love God with all our heart, mind, and soul, and treat, (love), others as we love ourselves…(who we are).

    We use our Godly gifts in service to all people, advancing the gospel of Christ, (what we do and our purpose in life). If we choose to follow God, we have the hope of heaven in our hearts, (our goal in life).

    Of course we will be involved in many other things, jobs, family, relationships, etc. But our core values should be with the Lord in control of our lives as we make worldly decisions…


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    1. I agree Steve… sometimes, I still forget that value. It’s so easy for us to get tempted and decide on our own- There are still times when I forget to discern if this is what God wants for me. But I’m learning…I’m a work in progress. 🙂

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      1. Don’t feel all alone with that one. We all fall to the temptations of the evil one. And, we also are all works in progress…that’s what this life is all about!


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    1. You’re right! My post indeed resignated with your post. I love the part about your declaration of magnificence. I too believe that it is of utmost importance that we have a positive perception of ourselves and our capabilities before we can do something great!

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