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Don’t say it…Show it.

Love is not just a word. And it is also not just a feeling. No.
It is definitely more that that. Love is Action, Service and Commitment.

This video I am sharing with you today shows perfectly what real love is all about. I hope you’ll find inspiration on watching this. 🙂



Photo Source
(video taken from YouTube)


8 thoughts on “Don’t say it…Show it.

  1. This is GREAT, Nina!!! My sister and I were just talking about this last night- how the word “love” has been equated with an emotional but it is SO much more than that!! Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Right! It really is so much more than feelings and emotions. It definitely is not just the butterflies in the stomach and cloud nines. Sometimes we even hate who we love. That’s nice that you and your sister are talking about this subject. ☺

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