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Hello Everyone!

It’s February- the Love Month!
Hopefully, topics about LOVE will not appear to be cheesy and corny at this time (crossing my fingers!).

Well, I wish to still be able to deliver interesting posts to you, my dear readers, even if I intend to focus more on the subject of love this month.

For today, I want to share with you a short conversation I had with my (then 4-yr old) daughter some time ago on love…

Gaby: Mommy, you love Papa.
Me: Ah-huh…
Gaby: Yes, because youΒ married each other (her index finger pointing to our wedding photo). So you love him.
Me: Okay…
Gaby: Mommy, love is when your hearts are together.

I don’t know how my daughter came up with her smart definition but I would agree. Love is not something that we keep to ourselves- it is meant to be shared with someone else. It’s loving others and allowing them to love you back. It is indeed a sense of “togetherness.”

How about you? I would love to know what the word means to you. πŸ™‚


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19 thoughts on “L.O.V.E.

  1. Love is only a 4 letter word yet bears a sooooooo big a meaning. In it’s human sense, ironically beautiful (we love despite and inspite of); in its truest sense, devine. It was biblically defined as God! ☺

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      1. only 20% are from us then. My educated guess would be that those “they” are all mothers! Hahaha…
        Well, of course, your case is an exemption. Your blog speaks of your brilliance! πŸ™‚

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    1. That’s a good definition. Truly we give our all- including time & effort- to the people we love even if at times we don’t feel like it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! πŸ™‚

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