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Why Failure is our Friend

FAILURE. We don’t like it. We avoid it. We hate it.

People do not like failure because of 2 things- It hurts and  it makes us feel bad about ourselves.

However, if we will shift our paradigm, we will see that failure is our friend.

Like a true friend…

failure makes us aware where we need to improve.

Failure points out our mistakes and weak points. It lets us know our areas for improvement. Every time we fail, we always learn something new from it.

failure tells us that we need to do better.

Whenever we fail, how sure are we that we have given our 100% on it? It may be hard to admit, but in my case, I usually fail when I do not give my all. Failure tells us not to settle on mediocrity. We should always exert our best efforts in everything that  we do!

failure makes us stronger.

Most successful people experienced a lot of failures in their lives before becoming successful. What makes them different is how they managed to stand again and chose not to give up. As a quote says, “the one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one that never fell.

failure lets us realize how much we want something.

If we dream or desire something and we fail trying to achieve it, are we going to persevere and try again? or will we just forget about it?

If we want something that much, we’ll keep pushing ourselves towards it. But if we fail and let go of that dream immediately, then perhaps it really didn’t mean that much to us after all.

failure tells us if something is not for us.

After numerous attempts and giving it our best shots, but still end up being unsuccessful, then perhaps it is not really for us. This is the time to consider other options and focus on the other things that we can do and excel into. Failure tells us we should try to discover and utilize our other potentials.

Always remember, it is better to fail than to never have tried at all. We can always be more than our failures! 🙂

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Date Written: June 13, 2016


29 thoughts on “Why Failure is our Friend

  1. I especially love the point about failure making us realize how much we want something. If I don’t want it enough to persevere through obstacles than I probably really don’t want it. Maybe I want recognition, feelings of success, the ability to check something off my list, but I don’t really want the goal itself.

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    1. Yes, exactly… And it could be the other way too…We may think it that doesn’t matter to us much until we fail and realize how much it actually matters! Thank you for sharing me your thoughts! =)

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  2. I’ve always liked the idea that failure is just an obstacle to keep those who don’t really want it from achieving it so I liked that you mentioned that. the idea that so many successful people have failed in order to succeed is also spot on. I always think how the average millionaire has gone bankrupt three times before becoming a millionaire. great post:)

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    1. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I’m glad to know that we’re on the same page at looking at failure. And thank you for taking the time to read my post! 🙂

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