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Happy Thoughts: LIFE & OPTIMISM

Don’t say “It’s Impossible because…”
Say “It is Possible IF…” and then focus and work your ways on those ifs.

You will realize that most impossibles are actually Possible.

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14 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts: LIFE & OPTIMISM

    1. Right Miriam. Most of the time, we are easily discouraged when we realize there are certain factors that would make it difficult for us to be able to do or achieve something. But instead of focusing on those obstacles, it’s better to shift our focus on the things that is needed and those that we can do-even if it’s hard-to realize that thing. Thank you for always visiting Miriam! I hope you’re having a good day/night 😊

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      1. Thank you for your kind comment Miriam! I feel like I’m transported to another place too whenever I visit your blog- no kidding or flattery!. 😊 I have a busy week- exam week of my daughter plus work…good thing it’s almost Thanksgiving (no work! Yey!) 😊

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