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Excuse me…I think that is mine.

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone of you ever experienced having your article copied and posted on another website, yet you weren’t given credit for it?

I have written an article last September and I saw it posted on another website the other day- every word copied and even the same picture was used. I feel flattered if the person liked my article that much, and I appreciate him for sharing it… but I still think it is just proper to give due credit to the source, wouldn’t you agree?

Well, I could not send an email to the person who owns the blog as there is no “Contact” on the menu, so I left a comment on “my” post in his blog saying this instead:


I did got a reply, but I still do not see the proper credits as of today.


I’ve seen more posts published on his site after this incident, and it would not have taken 10 minutes for the person to put the credit. So now I am doubting if he even intends to do so. I didn’t want to accuse him of plagiarism, but it definitely is the case if he does nothing to fix this.

I would be interested to know what you think or you’d do if you were on my shoes.


Nina 🙂

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36 thoughts on “Excuse me…I think that is mine.

    1. He didn’t approve my comment so it doesn’t show in his blog. But at least he’d read what I wanted him to know.
      I think it’s just too bad that there are people who steal and pretend that they made those articles. Is that their strategy to get more readers to follow their blogs? The first person they are fooling is themselves. 😦

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  1. To date, not sure if it has or has not occurred with any of my work. With this said, I am full aware of the times and the lack of ethical standards used especially in the virtual world. Such tactics have existed throughout time to follow many artists and writers. What is the remedy? How does a change occur to prevent this via an online medium? Is there an agency which documents, follows or provides resolutions? Have had these conversations with many others. Bottom line is what you feel is best for you and your work. *hug*

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    1. Thank you. I agree that this is not something new especially in the virtual world… It’s not just about the credit though…I am more concerned of the dishonesty of a person. If they could get away with it, who knows what they could do next time… 😦

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      1. From a zen perspective, it doesn’t matter. You have copies of your work and a timeline including the platform for featuring it – regardless of what others attempt to do. Your work is safe and known to you…as it is shared. This peace of mind serves as a precedent if disputed. Lots of people will duplicate or re-engineer works as well – same message just worded differently. What matters is not losing focus or shrinking from what it all means to you. Empower yourself beyond what others attempt or do – flattery or not. Hope this is helpful, Nina.

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      2. ☺️ Keep doing, Nine – being. All the rest is just smoke…as long as you are aware of yourself, let the rest go. What stays is what is meant to be.

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  2. I think you can send a complaint about it. I don’t remember the source the top of my head, but check out WordPress copyright info.
    This is annoying, and definitely not professional to not say illegal. Hope you get it figured out.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I am trying to check out WordPress’ guidelines on this. I will definitely file a complaint later today if the person involve will not take action. It really is annoying…

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  3. That’s outrageous!! I think you have been very mature in the way you have handled the situation, because I would be far less considerate and write a blog post highlighting the fraudulent nature of the incident, and expose the website and the fake author.

    In a weird way it is an immoral compliment to your writing, however I sincerely hope this situation gets resolved.

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    1. Thank you for the support. I know it’s kind of frustrating and annoying… and I have let myself feel frustrated and annoyed. Now, I want to choose to feel better and then move on eventually…

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  4. I don’t have enough of an audience (yet!) for that to happen to me – but I know when I share content I ALWAYS give credit; in most cases I’ll write up something about why a reader should visit the site from where I got the cost.

    I would give the guy the benefit of the doubt – maybe he forgot to credit you, after telling you he would, but by now…he should have linked back/amended the post, etc.

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    1. Me too… I always give credit or include the source even for the pictures that I used. To me, these are but basic courtesies. And yes, I feel like I’d given him enough time… it’s been 3 days. Oh well, not everybody have the same thought process and values I guess…Thank you for the support!

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  5. Sorry this has happened to you. You aren’t the first or last though. It happened to me on a different blog I had previously. It’s annoying to say the least but you can either be proactive or let it go depending on how much energy you want to give it. You could contact WordPress if it is a WP blog. They have a help forum and the staff are usually pretty quick in replying to queries. Also remember some people do this sort of thing not so much to gain followers but for the attention of the people they steal the work from. Personal interaction.

    I hope WP (or whoever owns it) can help you out if that’s the way you choose to go. Good luck!

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    1. Thank you, Autumn! It is indeed annoying especially that I tried to still be nice despite what happened… Yes, I have checked WP Forum and even saw someone complained about the same issue. I’m still thinking though if I should be proactive in dealing with it or just let it go away…after publishing this post, I think he’ll get the message anyways…

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  6. Never happened to me, I think – but then again alot of my posts are about my business so if that happened they are only helping me advance my business….I probably would contact them or like you, leave a comment…if it happens again, maybe you can block him?

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    1. Thank you! It’s nice to know that the effect that you got is positive 🙂 I know we can block or unapprove comments here at WP but I’m not sure about blocking a person…Anyways, I greatly appreciate your feedback!

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    1. Oh yeah? Not good…It’s a little irritating, right? We can put it this way- It’s better to be the one copied than the one doing the copying! 🙂 Just writing that line made me feel better already…I hope it has the same effect to you!

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  7. I’m sorry, that was unfortunate to have happened to you. For sure you put much efforts coming out with that particular post, other people should at least be respectful about that.

    As writers, we share to our readers not just our talents and ideas but also our hearts. Our heart is the seal manifesting our desire to touch lives or effect changes to others. I believe that’s the purpose why most of us write and that’s sacred to us, and it must also be treated as such by other people.

    Hope this will be fixed soon. Wish you luck.

    Keep on writing though. Your blog is awesome!

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    1. Thank you Andrei. You are so right. I agree with everything that you said about being a writer…No worries, fixed or not, I will keep on writing! ☺
      And thank you for your kind compliment on my blog!

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  8. Hi Nina,
    Throughout our lifespan, we do nothing but do ‘give and take’ and there are three categories. 1st one, who tries to take more than what they give. 2nd one who takes as much as they give. 3rd one who takes nothing but always gives. Like Sun gives energy and light to the whole world, River flows and gives waters expecting nothing in return. That’s why we Indians worship Sun and Rivers.

    The opposite of ‘Happiness’ is ‘Sadness’, which follows when something does not happen as per our expectations. So the key to ‘happiness’ is expect nothing from others. And I mean it. I don’t bother how many visitors come to my Blog because I expect nothing from this materialistic world !

    This is ‘Karma-Yoga’ of Bhagavad Gita; Lord Krishna’s teaching to Arjun on the battlefield of “Kurukshetra”. i.e. “Do your job and just perform your duty expecting nothing in return”. The moment you expect something in return or claim ownership you are drifting away from ‘Happiness’.

    God made this beautiful world for the Adams and Eve to live. But men divided it into countries and no matter how many times they meet to discuss PEACE at UNO it’s never found !

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for your generous comment!
      On a side note, I think that peace can be achieved when we learn to set aside personal judgment and prejudice, listen and understand where the other parties are coming from, and arrive at a solution that is best for all parties.

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  9. Sorry this happened to you.I think you can take a screenshot snd report this to WordPress!hope that works nina! try different options or try to put it in social media with his name so that he will feel embarassed and will never post anything if yours!

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