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Happy Thoughts: SOLITUDE

“Do not underestimate the Power of Doing Nothing”

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18 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts: SOLITUDE

  1. I love this. I have never heard this idea put in this way. “Never underestimate the POWER of doing nothing.” I am so type A that I just go, go, go. It’s hard to stop, and I almost feel guilty when I do. But you are so right- there is power in rest! This resonates so much with me in the stage of life I am in right now. I am learning this more and more all the time. Thank you for sharing, Nina!

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    1. Thank you Mack. I am glad to know you find this helpful. Like you, I am also almost always on the go… and I often feel guilty when I try to have my “me time” doing nothing…Perhaps it’s because I’m used to the idea that doing nothing is a waste of time. So I need to remind myself that IT IS OKAY to spend some time alone doing nothing, because when we do that, it’s as if we’re doing some internal “fine-tuning” in ourselves. 🙂

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      1. Yes absolutely!!!! Resting allows us to go into the “productive” times with a fresh brain and rested spirit to accomplish even more. Thank you again for the reminder!

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  2. Those who feel upset when alone are more attached to the worldly affairs. But those who feel calm, quiet and peace when alone is a sign of scaling to higher Spiritual level and closer to God. Ancient Indian history shows seers and sages preferred to live in jungles away from city dwellers. There are centres for practising “VIPASHYANA” in India and abroad started by Indian business tycoon Shri Goenka. Participants are trained to cut off from the worldly affairs. Even eye to eye contact with other human being is prohibited during training. The fact is, today we are lost so much in worldly noise (tv, internets, cell phones, cinema, music, etc) that we have forgotten “exactly who we are, why we are here & what’s the purpose of this human life ?”. We spend our whole life for caring/grooming our physical mortal body despite the fact that one day it’s going to turn back into five elements – earth, air, fire, water and ether. We don’t have a single second to think about our eternal Soul !


    1. Good point. Some of us are really immersed with technology and seek after material things while others are focused on their physical improvements. I agree that we should also give the same attention if not more to our spiritual well-being. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


      1. Those seeking relief from routine hectic life should attend one week’s
        seminar of “Vipashyana” at one of their centres in US. For details please check google search. Their centres are all over the world and best part is charges are bare minimum. Unlike others, they are not commercial to make profit out of it.

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    1. I would agree to that Nikki! 😊👍 I oftentimes come up with awesome ideas when I rest my mind for a while… (plus it really feels good not to think or worry about anything for a few minutes! Hehehe)


  3. As a mom of five; and a grandma of nine, my quiet do nothing days are far and few between… I dont feel guilty about them….in fact I just started meditating 10 minutes a day so I can have a little quiet time…

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    1. That’s good :)… I usually get my quiet moment when I get home from work (my daughter is still at school at hubby at work). It feels nice to be alone for a moment and just listen to what we feel within (as if our heart is talking to us)…It’s a little weird how to describe it, but it feels like we are closer to ourselves.:)

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