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What’s It Gonna Be?

“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.”- Bruce Lee

Everybody knows Johnny in his neighborhood as a kind man. Everyday he did something nice to someone. He always helped whenever he can without expecting anything in return. He is known to be a dependable friend and that is how he is remembered…so it’s written in his epitaph.

Susan is a loving mother. She made sure her children came first all the time. She always considered what’s best for them, and never did a day passed without letting them feel they are loved. She took great care of her children. She was the best mom and she’s remembered for that… so it’s written in her epitaph.

Mike was the positive guy. You will never see him without a smile in his face. He was the person to go to when somebody feels sad. Why not? He made sure you’re always in a better state after spending time with him. He is the rainbow to someone’s storm. People remember him as that…so it’s written in his epitaph.

How about you? If you’ll die today or tomorrow, what would you like written on your epitaph?

And here’s the more important question- Is that really how people would remember you?

If your answer is Yes, then that’s awesome. It means you are living and not merely existing.
But if your answer is No, then perhaps it’s time to face your biggest challenge- CHANGE. Because what you’re doing today, and how you are in your relationship with others NOW say a lot for your future epitaph.

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