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3-Day Quote Challenge: DAY 2

This is my second day for the quote challenge and the quotes that I am sharing with you today are from famous people who were also successful in their own fields of expertise.

Here we go…
Steve Jobs.JPG
I really like this routine of Steve Jobs. Why else should we keep on doing something that we don’t want to do? I know some of us may say “because we NEED to” but for me, that is the safest excuse we could make so that we do not feel so much guilty for not doing the things that we want to do. We should always look for opportunities that suit us- those that would make us happy. Otherwise, we die not living the life we’re meant to live.

John Lennon.JPG
As a 5 year old child, her mom always told John Lennon that happiness is the key to life. I say she did a great job for doing so! And I believe her. 🙂

Bruce Lee.JPG
I agree with Bruce Lee 101%. It’s human nature to get scared of anticipated outcomes and so sometimes, we settle to what’s safe and to what’s already working. We are afraid to move out of our comfort zone. But in doing so, we are putting limits to our potential and to what we can experience. For some, they use circumstances as excuse- “I don’t have enough time…” “I don’t have the money…”, “I did not graduate college…”, etc.

There are so much more that we can do in life and so much more that we can contribute to life if only we could master our fears, and trust more of what we can become.

I hope that you find the quotes inspiring and motivational. Have a great day everyone! 🙂


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