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Are you “Iffy Happy”?

“Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy…”- Ralph Marston

When I was younger, I used to be “iffy” with my happiness.

I’d be happy if I’d get myself a gorgeous boyfriend…
I’d be happy if I’d get more allowance…
I’d be happy if I could buy that pretty dress…
I’d be happy if I’d get accepted to this university…

And I don’t think I was any different from other people who seemed to be setting a high  standard for happiness.

Those who think that they’d be happy
if they’d get more popular
if they’d get a bigger house
if they’d get a fatter wallet
if they’d get a higher position in their jobs
if they’d get better-looking
if they’d get themselves spouses who’d always put them first

We become unhappy because we set impossible rules to experience happiness. We make it sooo darn difficult for ourselves to achieve.

I am very grateful to have started my blog. I wasn’t a happy person then, but I decided and choose to be one. This is also the reason why I named it “thehappylife”- because that is the kind of life that I want to have.

Can I tell you a secret? I find it easy to be happy because I make my conditions to be happy really simple. I could give you 5 reasons why I am happy today.

#1- I woke up with my husband besides me.
#2- I get to kiss & hug my daughter goodbye when she left for school
#3- I get to have a heart to heart talk with our maid- where she has confided in me her personal problems and I was able to comfort her.
#4- I was able to come to work on time, and enjoyed a meeting with our boss, and some other colleagues over a good coffee. 🙂
#5- I could feel my heart beat in my chest and I can smile

…and believe me when I say I could go on and on…

What are your pre-requisites for happiness? Are you sure they’re not too complicated that you’ll never get to be happy at all?

Life is short. Enjoy it. Be grateful and you’ll find more reasons to be happy! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Are you “Iffy Happy”?

  1. I needed this very much. I feel that you have to find reasons to be happy and those are some great points. We all have so much to be thankful for and happiness is choice we make everyday. Thank You!!

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  2. This post really sums it up for me, and what can be an ongoing battle against sadness…or should that be a battle for happiness? In any case, it shouldn’t be a battle. Nor should being happy be conditional. For me, too often so many stresses, doubts and issues distract me from the goal of just being happy.

    I love that list you made. Before I go to sleep at night, when I’m not distracted or forget to, I do try and write down each night three positive things from the day – something that made me happy, things to be thankful for. I think finding those things can go a long way to being more than iffy-happy. Though it’s defintiely a challenge for me.

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    1. I think it’s a challenge for many of us. I only hope I am misinterpreted by my readers- I am not against aiming high or dreaming big goals… what I’m against is if they depend their happiness solely on them. 🙂
      I like what you do, looking for things to be thankful for and writing them down. To be honest, it helps lighten up my mood when I try to come up of things that I am grateful for having or experiencing. I realize more how blessed I am and how good life is. 🙂
      Thank you for reading my post and for sharing your insights!


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