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The Beauty of Living in Simplicity

“The people who keep their lifestyle natural as much as possible to the decency level meet quite often in life a beautiful person.” – Anuj Somany

Let me tell you a real life story of someone I know who is very famous and successful.
His dad was an assistant VP on a humongous company, and yet he did not grow up pampered and spoiled as most rich kids are. His parents lived a life of simplicity- they did not live in a mansion nor owned luxury cars. Theirs is just a typical medium-size home and a Toyota car of more than 10 years old.

In his elementary days, he was taught to commute going to and from school. And he looks forward to every Sunday because that is the only time they are allowed to drink Coke. He also did not own a lot of toys- but then once a week, he and his dad visited the mall and there he would see all the toys that he loved and he would imagine that he owned all of them. He and his dad would also always try to look for something that they could give her mom when they go home.

Now, you would think that he was deprived, but you know what, you’ll be surprised to know that he never felt that way. Because he was always treated with much care and love. He need not do anything to get attention from his parents.

Everyday, he and his dad would jog together on their garage… and then he would sit on his dad’s lap and they talk about anything in the world. After dinner, he and his dad would sit beside each other and read their favorite comics until it’s time for bed. After praying as a family, he would see his parents in their bedroom- where his dad was seated on his chair, and her mom standing behind him, massaging his back while the they talked about how their day was.

This is the beauty of living in simplicity. Imagine if his parents chose to live in a more luxurious manner. His dad would then have to work overtime to pay off the bills- he would get too tired everyday to even spend time talking to his boy and wife every night. He might also be haggard and ill-tempered brought about by stress. And his mom would perhaps even need to find work to help with the finances.

Who would then jog with this poor boy everyday? and talk to him and answer his unending questions about the world? and who would then read comic books with him? and go hanging out to the mall with him? … and would he be the successful person he is today both in his career and family, if his childhood experience would have been different?

I hope his story moves you. It definitely inspired me. Let’s not forget that how we choose to live our life does not only affect our own happiness, but also the happiness of the people that we love! 🙂

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22 thoughts on “The Beauty of Living in Simplicity

    1. Wow, I have a good timing then. 🙂 Glad to know that you find motivation on my post. I’m sure the conversation with your friend is inspirational too. 🙂


  1. Nina, a great post. So true. You know what? This is a post that another blogger can read, and it will make difference for them. You never know when your kindness changes or helps another person. I think this post will do that.

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  2. In this world, everyone wants to be happy. Despite richness & luxurious lifestyles, many famous film stars like Marilyn Monroe or singers Michel Jackson/Prince etc have ended their lives committing suicides. On the other hand, I know one person who after first class graduation from Oxford University decided to renounce from his rich expat family in London returned to India and now lives happily as Sadhu (holy Indian monk) BRHAMVIHARI DAS in the BAPS monastery. During family get together at his London residence to celebrate his first class graduation, he was advised by his uncles/seniors in the family to take up higher study in law/accounting/business management etc. After listening to everyone his reply was Quote
    “Y’day I went to Harrod’s Department stores with this small diary and pencil stub. I walked past each and every counter of this big store browsing all the items displayed for sale. Spent couple of hours in this store with the intention to find out item/s without which I can’t survive in this world, prepare a list for noting it down in my diary. As you can see my diary is BLANK why because I could not find one single item in the Harrod Departmental stores without which I can’t survive. Means I need not waste my time for higher study for sake of earning more money to buy those luxury goods sold at Harrod. I want to be Happy in my life and happiness is living a simple life with bare minimum requirements”.UNQUOTE
    I am a great admirer of this holy BAPS Sadhu Brahmvihari Das, whose discourses (lectures) in the Gujarati language available on You-Tube are worth listening. I have converted those audio clips into English text snippets and started posting on my blog for the benefits of non-Gujarati community.

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    1. Thank you for sharing! Wow, it’s true that happiness cannot be bought (unless it’s only for temporary). Lasting happiness comes from being at peace within yourself, happy and quality time spent with family and loved ones, and doing things that gives us satisfaction and purpose!


  3. What a wonderful and optimistic post! I love the fact that you used a real story to prove your point! What relationship do you have to the person you wrote about? if you don’t mind my asking.

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    1. Thank you for your kind remarks! ☺ I don’t have a personal relationship with the person but he is a preacher-writer-businessman who I really find inspirational.


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