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Live In The Moment

Happy Friday Everyone!

Someone actually noticed the tagline for my blog yesterday and told me, “No better way to live, Nina…

It struck me. Here I am stressing out with work (it was month-end and then the long weekend, so that means tons of work!), with the deadlines that I need to meet, with my daughter’s upcoming exams, with the posts that I need to write, and other “not-so-important” things.

Then suddenly I am reminded this- “Live in the Moment with a Grateful Heart”

The timing is just so PERFECT. πŸ™‚

So now I breathe and relax and just take it easy…with a coffee and a great song, everything is possible!

Here’s a song to match this post and I hope that you will love the melody and digest the lyrics. Enjoy!


Video taken from YouTube
Photo Source

Date Written: August 09,2016



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