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Choose your Priority

“Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

The other day, my husband was craving for a dish and wanted me to cook for him. I was busy with my emails, but I stopped what I was doing and cooked for him.

Yesterday, I was preoccupied with my blog but my daughter kept disturbing me, asking me to do this and that for her…I realized she wanted to spend time with me so I stopped, and again focused my attention to her.

This morning, my husband was getting ready for work when I told him that he owe me a date ’cause we weren’t able to do something special on our anniversary. He asked me to fix myself, he waited for me, and then we went out to have an early lunch to his favorite Japanese restaurant before he went to his office.

And right now, I wanted so much to continue reading more posts and clean up my emails after I finish with this post, but I know that I will have to stop in a few minutes because I will need to have my “study” time with my daughter.

This is me prioritizing my husband and daughter over work and other stuffs . That is my husband prioritizing me over work.

My point is simple- If we want to have a good relationship with people, we need to learn to prioritize them. Giving our attention and time to them first is already nourishing the relationship.

Would you not feel special if you always come first to others? 🙂

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Date Written: August 17, 2016

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Are You Wealthy?

“Your Wealth equals your Gratitude. Your Gratitude equals your Wealth.”- Bo Sanchez

As a kid, I used to think that wealth is about money. That is is about treasures and jewelries. That it is about possessing material things. And I believe I had that perception even until after I graduated college.

But as I grow older, and get to experience life outside school and my comfort zone, I get to realize more that wealth is not measured by the amount of money that we have; rather it is measured by how appreciative we are with the things that we have.

You see, no matter how rich a person is in terms of  material possession, but if he is not grateful with what he has, he will never be contented and will always be wanting more…nothing will be enough to satisfy his needs or desires. He will never be happy.

On the other hand, a grateful person lives like a King. Why? Because he knows how to appreciate everything that he has in life, no matter how simple or grand they may be…and because of that, he realizes he has so much to be thankful for and he is happy.

I don’t own a company, but I have a beautiful household…and I thank God.
I don’t look like a celebrity, but I have a faithful husband…and I thank God.
I don’t have money for a luxurious hobby,but I have my guitar always waiting for me to play…and I thank God.
I can’t draw, nor swim, nor drive, but I can write and sing and cook…and I thank God.
I can’t afford to treat my friends always, but they will ALWAYS be there for me…and I thank God.
I don’t always eat expensive meals, but I eat 3 times a day…and I thank God.
I don’t have shiny chandeliers above me, but I look at the sky and I have the stars…and I thank God.

…and my list could go on and on and on.

So, are you wealthy? It is your choice. 🙂

Date Written: August 15,2016



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Feed Your Soul with Good Music

Hello Everyone!

They say that music is the food for the soul. I would agree to that! It has the power to uplift our moods, and it could also make us feel worse depending on the type of music that we listen to.

For today, I want to share with you 3 Songs that I like so much. I love their melody as much as I love the messages that they relay to us. I usually listen to them to de-stress and I am hoping that you’ll get to experience the same good feeling after listening to them.

Get ready to feel more relaxed and don’t forget to let me know which one’s your favorite… Enjoy! 🙂

# 1- Everything is Sound

This song is so full of positivity. I’d actually like to call it my “happy song”!
It reminds of mindful living, to be the light in times of darkness, to harmonize with nature and to realize that “our future is not yet written”.


#2- 93 Million Miles

This is my “encouragement song”. It pushes us to go far in life, to dream big and to know that “if we do it right, we’ll love where we’ll go”.  Yet it also makes us remember that whatever path we choose, “we can always come back home”.


#3-  Hey Love

This is probably the most unfamiliar among the 3, and I really wish more people would get to listen to this beautiful song. It tells us that “awful things happen all the time but we should not let it kill us”. It encourages us not to run away or dwell too much from mistakes and to “close the book before it burns us.”


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Date Written: August 10, 2016

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Happy Thoughts: Child, World , & Life

Sometimes, we should try to look at life and the world in the point of view of a child. We’ll see the beauty despite the chaos, the fun despite the worries, and the colors despite the loneliness.

Life is wonderful. The world is beautiful. Choose to see it that way. Choose to have a happy life. 🙂

Note: The drawing is my daughter’s. The coloring was my work. I know I have it in me, too! 🙂

Date Written: August 10, 2016