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Choose your Priority

“Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

The other day, my husband was craving for a dish and wanted me to cook for him. I was busy with my emails, but I stopped what I was doing and cooked for him.

Yesterday, I was preoccupied with my blog but my daughter kept disturbing me, asking me to do this and that for her…I realized she wanted to spend time with me so I stopped, and again focused my attention to her.

This morning, my husband was getting ready for work when I told him that he owe me a date ’cause we weren’t able to do something special on our anniversary. He asked me to fix myself, he waited for me, and then we went out to have an early lunch to his favorite Japanese restaurant before he went to his office.

And right now, I wanted so much to continue reading more posts and clean up my emails after I finish with this post, but I know that I will have to stop in a few minutes because I will need to have my “study” time with my daughter.

This is me prioritizing my husband and daughter over work and other stuffs . That is my husband prioritizing me over work.

My point is simple- If we want to have a good relationship with people, we need to learn to prioritize them. Giving our attention and time to them first is already nourishing the relationship.

Would you not feel special if you always come first to others? 🙂

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Date Written: August 17, 2016


11 thoughts on “Choose your Priority

  1. I totally agree with you Nina! Sometimes we get so involved with social media, it’s hard to pull away. But we must do so, to put our family first. Like you said, prioritize 🙂 Great reminder!


  2. “Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets forgotten or left behind.”

    Gotta love Lilo and Stitch for that line lol! But anywho, indeed family should always be first. Without your family, you will not have the things you do in life right now. In most cases, family sticks by you no matter what as well. When friends may abandon you, true family will always stand by you.

    So I don’t care even if a tiger is going to eat me, I will protect my family and friends even if it costs me my life. Yeah, I know, I’m awesome 😀

    Kudos to you and your commitment towards your family! It takes a strong will do be able to juggle everything and power through them. You’re doing well bud 😉

    Your pal,

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    1. I love that line too, thank you for sharing!
      I agree…other people may come & go but our family will always be there for us (even if we’re sometimes a pain to each other!) 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by Pal! 🙂

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