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Are You Wealthy?

“Your Wealth equals your Gratitude. Your Gratitude equals your Wealth.”- Bo Sanchez

As a kid, I used to think that wealth is about money. That is is about treasures and jewelries. That it is about possessing material things. And I believe I had that perception even until after I graduated college.

But as I grow older, and get to experience life outside school and my comfort zone, I get to realize more that wealth is not measured by the amount of money that we have; rather it is measured by how appreciative we are with the things that we have.

You see, no matter how rich a person is in terms of  material possession, but if he is not grateful with what he has, he will never be contented and will always be wanting more…nothing will be enough to satisfy his needs or desires. He will never be happy.

On the other hand, a grateful person lives like a King. Why? Because he knows how to appreciate everything that he has in life, no matter how simple or grand they may be…and because of that, he realizes he has so much to be thankful for and he is happy.

I don’t own a company, but I have a beautiful household…and I thank God.
I don’t look like a celebrity, but I have a faithful husband…and I thank God.
I don’t have money for a luxurious hobby,but I have my guitar always waiting for me to play…and I thank God.
I can’t draw, nor swim, nor drive, but I can write and sing and cook…and I thank God.
I can’t afford to treat my friends always, but they will ALWAYS be there for me…and I thank God.
I don’t always eat expensive meals, but I eat 3 times a day…and I thank God.
I don’t have shiny chandeliers above me, but I look at the sky and I have the stars…and I thank God.

…and my list could go on and on and on.

So, are you wealthy? It is your choice. 🙂

Date Written: August 15,2016



10 thoughts on “Are You Wealthy?

  1. Beautiful post. We must be wise to learn what makes us wealthy and what doesn’t. We tend to run after things that we don’t possess and keep feeling empty and unworthy. We must rather see what we have and decide to praise the same in order to be thankful to life and live it the best possible way.

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    1. Thank you Zigyasa! 🙂 You said it right! Some people tend to measure their wealth only by the amount of money or material things that they have…which is sad. For me, happy relationships, good health, laughters, and optimism are also wealth, sometimes even more valuable! 🙂

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