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Weekend Bonding

Hi Everyone!

It is almost weekend… I know this is usually the time to relax, unwind, and be a coach-potato but I recommend you consider the following for a change.

  •  Spend at least 30 minutes or one hour to have real conversation with your child/children (or parents if you are the child). Let them know that you are there for them. Everyone needs to be noticed, whether we admit it or not, so spending some alone-time doing mom-daughter or dad-son thing would affirm that they do exist in your world =)
  • Pay a surprise visit to a family member or friend whom you haven’t seen for a while (or give them a surprise-call). Time to reconnect!
  • Go out and have real fun together with your friends- talk and pay attention. Instead of asking “How are you?”, you ask “How are you really doing?”. Show that you are interested in them.
  • Allot time for health-care. Take a early jog when you wake-up; meditate  or spend some quiet time alone thinking about the good things that had happen during the week and the good things that you want to happen; listen and dance to your favorite music or read a book.
    Want some more tips? Read my other blog-  “The Importance of Self-Care”

I really hope that you will enjoy sharing your time with the people that you love and care for this weekend! Stay happy everyone! =)

Date Written: June 17, 2016


8 thoughts on “Weekend Bonding

  1. all wonderful tips, the morning jog is a great one for me to remember, I need to start running more, thanks for the reminder Nina, nice post:)

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you that you like it! 😊 I also need to jog but sometimes I fail to do so most of the time! Need to work on that area hehe..I hope you’ll enjoy your weekend! 😊

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