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Who I am and Why I’m here

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Hi. I’m Nina. I have a 4-year old daughter who drives me crazy most of the time- but she is my life and I really love her! I have a smart husband (who is actually good-looking too!). And I have a great job. So why am I here in front of my laptop typing when I should be napping, or taking a break from my”busy” life?

One time, my husband and I were watching TED talks in YouTube (a thing that is becoming a habit of ours) and there’s this one guy who really inspired me to start doing one of the things that I love to do… which is to write. He said, “If money is not an issue, what is it that you would be doing right “… “I say you do it now.

When I think about it more, I realize that perhaps he is right. A lot of us get stuck on a job that we do not like; or pretend about being okay with our work (telling ourselves…at least I get to pay the bill…) and we go on with our day to day mundane activity thinking at the back of our minds that someday, we’ll get to do what we love to do.

But in reality, there is really NO someday. If we are really passionate about something, we have to MAKE the time for it… and there is no better time than NOW. I have to stop convincing myself that “I’ll have plenty of time to write later… that for now this other thing works“…because guess what, I might end up telling myself “It’s too late for me to do this now” or “I’m too old to pursue this at this point.

I really admire those people who  pursued their passion, who simply did what they LOVE to do, not thinking about the money or the fame…yet everything else fell in their favor. I remember Jason Mraz- a two-time Grammy award winner- saying on one of his interviews that his mom would try to send him to college, and his dad would always get him good jobs but then he would quit them and try to go back into music. In my personal opinion, I do not think that it was his goal to be an award-winning artist. He only did what he love to do. And I believe he found his life-purpose in music.

I am a firm believer that God gave each of us special gifts and talents that we can utilize to achieve our purpose in life. And I choose to believe that if we utilize them to serve and honor Him thru other people, we can be genuinely happy.

I love to write and I want to connect with other people thru my writing. I want to inspire and be inspired at the same time. I believe that in this way, I’ll find purpose and meaning to my life. This is why I write NOW.:)

Written: May 25, 2016


8 thoughts on “Who I am and Why I’m here

  1. It’s always a challenge to step out of your comfort zone, jump into what excites and motivates you, and follow your dreams! Well done! 🙂

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  2. Love this. Struggling with some decisions about the coming months. I long for more time, but am nervous to let go of some security. Finding inspiration and encouragement in your writing. So happy for you.

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    1. I’m happy to know you’re finding inspiration on my blog- exactly my purpose of writing 🙂 yes, sometimes it takes a great risk and courage to let go of security but as they always say, you’ll never know what’s out there unless you try. Just sharing you another quote that inspired me as well: “Wherever your heart is, there your treasure would be.” I pray that God would guide you in your decisions in life. Have a happy life! 🙂

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  3. I can only hope, that you inspire a lot of people. I am one of them, who said: one day, when I retire, I will have time to do all the things I love; traveling, writing, painting. Well, the day has arrived, but due to illness, I can only do a fraction of what I love. My advise, follow your dreams, before live eats you up and all thats left is regret.


    1. Thank you for the encouragement. It really means a great deal to me. I hope not to lose inspiration myself so I could keep on doing what I love to do. I pray for your happiness despite your illness. God bless! 🙂


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